Dog & Cat Boarding – Caring and Affordable

Benefits of boarding at Beyond Pets Animal Hospital:

  • Pet boarding rates start at $34.99/night.
  • Highly trained technicians and kennel personnel monitor your pet. Veterinarians are immediately alerted to the slightest concerns.
  • Your pet is fed at least twice a day of either our highly digestible blend of Purina EN or your pet’s own food.
  • Your dog or puppy will be taken outside to urinate and defecate at least three times a day.
  • We specialize in quality care and attentive service for your dog or cat.
  • We also board puppies and kittens! Puppies and kittens have a secluded area away from the general population of dogs and cats.
  • We also offer daycare services.
  • We offer a ‘playtime service’ where your pet goes in our fenced-in yard and exercises with a kennel technician.

Beyond Pets Animal Hospital is your pet’s home away from home!

Beyond Pets Animal Hospital offers affordable pet boarding rates. Still, most importantly, we pride ourselves on providing your pets with clean and friendly accommodations from a loving staff of caregivers. Come by any time to check out our kennel facilities.

At Beyond Pets Animal Hospital, we will do our best to make your pet’s stay with us a happy and comfortable experience. We will care for your pet and its needs as if they were our own. Beyond Pets Animal Hospital staffers are highly experienced and trained to care for your pet and to report any problems to the attending doctors. This is a plus of our hospital, Beyond Pets Animal Hospital, compared to an everyday kennel.

Relax while you know Marietta’s best vets are watching after your pet!