A brown and white dog with a scar on his face.

Let’s talk about Vegas

No. We’re not talking about that Vegas. We’re talking about a sweet momma dog that we rescued out of Alabama. We named her Vegas as she’s one of the luckiest dogs entered into the Homeless Pets program.

Vegas is currently taking care of her sweet six puppies, and she’s receiving lots of love and attention. However, life wasn’t always grand for Vegas.

Just a few weeks ago, while she was near the end of her pregnancy, Vegas was in the middle of a domestic violence dispute. Vegas was beaten, kicked, and she was shot. She was shot in the head. While Vegas was running away from her attacker, she was shot in the elbow.

A kind soul managed to find Vegas and quickly got her care through the local animal control service. The head of volunteers fostered Vegas until she had her puppies. With Vegas loving on her puppies, the shelter contacted the Homeless Pets Foundation and Town & Country Veterinary Clinic to find a home for sweet Vegas and her puppies.

When we got Vegas, she was recovering from her injuries. We were very concerned that she had been shot in the head! Was she going to require special care for the rest of her life? Would be need to refer her to a veterinary neurologist? But with good luck, divine intervention, or a little of both, the bullet did not pierce through her skull. Vegas was graced with a skull harder than an elephant, and that bullet was easily pulled out from under her skin.

The bullet wound that hit her in the elbow thankfully caused little damage to her joint. She’s moving around like a puppy! Like her puppies!

We’re trying to find a very special home for sweet Vegas. And we would like to find caring homes for the rest of her puppies. Please call or swing by Town & Country Veterinary Clinic to check out these darling angels. Don’t forget to ask to see that bullet!

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Vegas’ Puppies

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