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New Children's Book offers Help after Loss of a Pet


I’ve been fortunate enough to welcome many astonishing pets into my life over time, and each one has made a continuing and distinctive belief. Pets are more than merely companies; they’re a part of the family, and as they grow with us, we form an unbreakable bond. Sadly, pets can’t remain with us forever, and losing a pet can frequently appear impossibly hard. Even for grownups, grief can be overwhelming. For kids, the procedure may also be deeply confusing.  

Knowing this, Dr. Corey Gut, a veterinarian in Bloomfield Hills, has lately released a novel that she expects will help families, and particularly kids, contend with the loss of a pet. The children’s book is called Being Brave for Bailey, and Dr. Corey is expecting to get it into schools and libraries across the U.S. so that all families can benefit from this significant grieving tool. You can help her with this assignment by visiting the link below:

Recently, I was excited to be given the chance to to interview Dr. Corey about the novel, and her inspirational cause. Here’s what she’d had to say.

Q. What was your inspiration for the novel?  
Euthanasia and departure are quite intimidating and confusing for young kids. Many times, the loss of a pet is a kid’s first encounter with death. As a veterinarian, families have requested me innumerable times over the years for resources and guidance on the best way to broach the issue of pet loss with their kids. Since I couldn’t uncover anything available to help these families, I determined to compose the novel Being Brave for Bailey. I ‘d lately diagnosed my sister’s dog, Bailey, with liver cancer and my sister was one of those customers looking to me to supply guidance with my young niece. The novel tells the story of Bailey, a dog who’s becoming old and has become sick and the family has to make the hard choice to euthanize Bailey so he doesn’t hurt or suffer anymore. After reading the novel, the parents have an entryway to discuss their own pet and some of the things that could be occurring and choices that will have to be made.  


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