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New H3N2 Canine Influenza Virus Vaccine Available


Canine Influenza Virus was a huge pet narrative in 2015, as thousands of dogs were sickened, and some even died because of the development of a fresh form of the dog influenza. The dogs didn’t have an opportunity to fend off the virus because they didn’t have an immunity to fight the new microbe. The virus proved to be highly infectious and could be taken to pets on the clothes and hands of those who handled ill dogs. In add-on, even after dogs seemed to have recovered, many dogs continued to shed the virus for considerably longer than typical.  

The virus turned out to be H3N2 canine flu from Southeast Asia. No one understands how H3N2 landed in the U.S. However, because so many dogs are still susceptible, and this influenza can package such a powerful clout – many veterinarians – including Dr. Natalie Marks in Chicago – imply the vaccine for most dogs. Learn more by seeing the video underneath.

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If you’ve any questions or concerns, you should see or call your veterinarian – they’re your greatest resource to make sure the health and well being of your pets.


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